Payment- The final balance is due on the day of the event as one payment- no exceptions. The person(s) responsible for the entire payment is the person(s) who booked Stefanie Weinapple for the makeup service(s). Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash or Venmo (@stefanieweinapplemakeup) For weddings, the final balance is due 7 days before your wedding date. If the Client has an outstanding balance on the wedding day services will NOT be rendered. 

Wedding Bookings- To secure your date, a signed contract with a 50% booking deposit is required at the time of signing. The deposit goes towards the total cost of your wedding services and is non-refundable / non-transferrable. Bridal trials are reserved for booked brides only. The minimum amount of services in order to book Stefanie for your wedding is 4 which usually includes the bride and 3 bridal party members. Stefanie only provides makeup services and does not provide any hair services. Stefanie can provide referrals but it's your responsibility to find and book your wedding day hair stylist.

On-location/Studio/Makeup Lesson Bookings- A $25 booking deposit along with a confirmation email from Stefanie is required to book your session. The deposit is non-refundable in any case of cancellation. On-location and studio booking deposits (non-bridal) can be transferred to a rescheduled appointment when given at least a 48 hour notice. This is based off of Stefanie's availability and not guaranteed. Additional travel fees will apply for all on-location makeup appointments. 

Bridal Trials- Bridal trials are not required but highly recommended. Especially if you have sensitive skin or unsure how you'll want your makeup to look. Trials are a preview of one makeup look for the wedding day and are  2 hour consultations. Trials are amazing to really get a sense on how you'll want your wedding day makeup and help your wedding day go that much smoother. Stefanie encourages all brides to book a trial which can be for a photoshoot or special event. Trials are done Sunday - Friday at Stefanie's in-home studio located in Concord, Ca and are $125.00. She will create your desired look and get to know you before your wedding day. Saturday's are reserved for weddings. She will take notes of all products used and take pictures for reference. Payment for trial run is due at the time of service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed- Makeup will be completed to the client’s satisfaction but is not to exceed allotted makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup application upon booking. Acceptance of completed makeup application by the client is an acknowledgment by the client that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction. Refunds will not be given after the service is completed. Stefanie will make sure your makeup is flawless before she leaves and your faux eye lashes are secured but be prepared for needing touch-ups. Rule of thumb: pack a powder and or blotting tissue, lip product and lash glue.  Makeup can rub off and move that's why it's good to be prepared.

Bridal Party Makeup- Stefanie does soft neutral makeup for all bridal party makeup applications. Any intricate looks like wing liner or individual lashes will be reserved for the bride only. This is to keep everyone on schedule and Stefanie can work quickly to get your bridal party ready in time. If any of your bridal party members would like Stefanie to do more of a dramatic look let her know ahead of time and she'll add more time to their time slot. Tell your bridal party to bring a blotting powder and lip product for touch-ups. One tube of lash glue for the whole party is also good to bring just in case. Stefanie will make sure everyones lashes are secured during makeup application but it's always good to be prepared if someones lashes lift. 

Personal Products- Stefanie does not use any personal products during makeup applications. Stefanie only uses products she is familiar with and trusts. If you or anyone in your party has sensitive skin please let Stefanie know prior to booking and Stefanie will send you a full product list of the items in her makeup kit. Stefanie is not liable for any allergic reactions from the makeup or skin care products she uses during makeup applications. 


Cancellation Policy- All deposits and payments are non-refundable in any case of cancellation. Deposits are required in order to book. Without a deposit, your session is not valid. Rescheduling must be made 48 hours before the start time to avoid being charged. No shows or day-of cancellations will be restricted from future bookings. 


Service Location And Requirements- Location of services day-of-event will be at the discretion of the client but there are certain requirements the makeup artist needs to complete the makeup applications. A "set up " area needs to be made available for the makeup artist at said location. Ample natural lighting is necessary for services to be performed properly.

Wedding Day Timeline- Please be prepared to start when Stefanie arrives. All ladies receiving makeup should have a clean face & be ready to start on time. Tell everyone in the party to arrive at the start time to avoid starting late. This is very important for everyone to stay on schedule, and Stefanie can finish applications in the allotted time. Stefanie will create a schedule for the day and will send this by email to the Bride for review. Plan for  60 min for each bridal party member and 1 hr 30 min for the bride. Stefanie will arrive 15-20 min early to set up and add 15-20 min at the end for any touch-ups needed. No day of add-ons are allowed and you'll need to know your final amount for services when we finalize your timeline. Stefanie can/will work with your hairstylist in coordinating the schedule.  The finish time should be before your photographer plans to arrive or 1 hr-1.5hrs. before you need to leave to your venue or ceremony.  Check with your photographer ahead of time if you plan on getting any first looks or "getting ready" pictures with your bridal party. You'll need to add time in for putting your dress on, travel, & fun pictures with your bridal party. 

Large Wedding Parties-   second artist may be needed depending on the logistics of your day. Stefanie can send you some referrals but ultimately it's your responsibility to find the second artist and book them separately

Hourly Rate: An hourly rate of $100.00 begins as soon as the last contracted service and/or touch-up is/are completed. Should client wish Makeup Artist to stay for touch-ups, photos, ect.. number of hours must be agreed upon when timeline is created. 


Wedding Travel Fee- Traveling Fees vary by location from zip code 94518. Please inquire with Stefanie for the traveling fee for on-site services. Hotel/travel accommodations are required for destination weddings/elopements. Travel is $0.50 per mile round trip plus any tolls or parking fees. The max Stefanie will travel in a day is two hours to the destination and anything more requires a one night hotel stay at a hotel that is within 10-15 miles of the getting ready location. This will need to be paid and booked at least three months before your wedding date. Stefanie will need an email confirmation from the hotel that the room has been booked and paid. 

Parking Fees & Tolls- Parking fees and tolls to on-site locations will be added to the client's final amount due.


Allergies & Illness- All brushes, tools, and products are sanitized and only high-quality brands are used. Any allergies to products or ingredients must be put in writing to the artist at the time of booking. All care but no responsibility will be taken for any allergic reactions. Any personal products you wish Stefanie to use during your session must be approved by Stefanie before hand. If you are sick or contagious on the day of your trial, you are obligated to inform the artist and reschedule with as much notice as possible. If the artist is sick or contagious on the day of your trial, you will be called to reschedule to prevent you from getting sick. If you are sick on the day of the event, you are obligated to notify the artist so all precautions can be taken. If anyone in your bridal party including yourself has a serious/contagious illness/condition on the day of the event, it is the artist's right to no longer take the booking due to contamination and infection risk. This includes but is not limited to coronavirus, conjunctivitis, cold sores, cold, flu, measles, mumps, chickenpox, shingles, open cuts/sores, ringworm, fungal infections (above the chest). If you show any symptoms or signs of illness Stefanie Weinapple will have to decline services and no payment should be refunded. In the unlikely event that the artist is extremely sick, hospitalized or unable to work on your wedding/event due to extreme, unforeseen tragic circumstances she will help you find a replacement and your deposit will be refunded.


Limitation Of Liability- It is understood and agreed that Stefanie Weinapple will not be liable to the customer or any agent associate of the customer, for any mistake or error in judgment or for any act or omission done in good faith and believed to be with the scope of authority conferred or implied by this agreement. Client agrees to not hold Stefanie Weinapple liable for property damages or day- of - event complications that could result in monetary loss.

Social Media & Website- Photos taken at the trial or your professional photos may be used as examples of my work for future clients to view. Your photographer will receive proper credit for their work. You agree to Stefanie Weinapple using these photos, as well as giving consent to using your professional photos on my website/portfolio/social media. I will email you to request these photos and will reach out to your photographer.

Non-defamation- Client and all parties obtaining services from Stefanie Weinapple agree that they will not, directly or indirectly, make or ratify any defamatory comments, reviews or remarks as defined by law, In writing, orally or electronically, about Stefanie Weinapple and their respective products and services. By receiving services, you agree to this contract stipulation whether or not this contract is signed by the party obtaining service. Client acknowledges and agrees that verbal abuse is unacceptable by any person at the event and shall be grounds for Stefanie Weinapple to cease services immediately. Client acknowledges that they will not be entitled to a refund for any work already performed and client may not review Stefanie Weinapple poorly on social media or other review sites if such instance occurs. Stefanie Weinapple has a zero-tolerance policy for any verbal abuse from anyone getting services. 

Force Majeure- Any shutdown of wedding/venue, or passage of any order, regulation, law or ordinance issues by any local or state board or agency having jurisdiction restricting usage of the event site, as a result of widespread epidemic or pandemic. The event will be rescheduled on the nearest available date that is mutually acceptable to both Stefanie Weinapple and Cleint if the event may not proceed on the original scheduled date only due to one or more of the following circumstances: a) Fire or flood in the vicinity of and/or on the Site that threatens the Site or the safety and well-being of the guests at the event. b) Severe or dangerous weather conditions. c) Power outage, but only if the venue cannot provide sufficient power through the use of backup generators or other sources to keep basic essential functions at the Site.