How to prepare for your upcoming session or wedding day look.

1. Take care of your skin. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Please arrive with a clean moisturized face. It is so important to take care of your skin leading up to your appointment or wedding day with me. If you don't have a good skin care routine, let's chat! I'm not an esthetician by any means but I can share some basics to help you get started. I recommend cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin every day before your appointment or wedding day. A gentle exfoliator once/twice a week (don't go crazy) will help remove any dead skin and leave your skin glowy. I love the Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub and use it on myself.  When you have a nice smooth base it will set you up for that flawless skin you're wanting for your pictures! Trust me. Makeup can only cover color not texture that's why it's so important to take care of your skin.

2. Bring realistic makeup inspiration pictures. Please don't bring any overly edited Pinterest or instagram makeup pictures. Try and find pictures that have models with real skin. Skin is always going to have a little texture. You're going to look like you're wearing makeup, no matter how good my technique is or how amazing my products are this is just how makeup works. I will do my best to make you look flawless but I'm always transparent with my clients. I like to set real expectations with you and after 5 years of doing makeup I have a lot of knowledge to share with you. Hints: Why I talk about skin care so much! Be prepared to tell me what you love and don't love about the makeup. This will help me better understand your vision for your makeup look. Please don't be afraid to speak up. I love all the feedback. It helps me so much and I want you to LOVE your makeup.

3. Come with your hair already styled or styled similar to how you'll be wearing it for your event. This helps me so much with keeping the makeup balanced with your overall look and it's weird to see yourself with full glam while rocking a messy bun. Just doesn't go well together

4. Schedule a bridal trial/preview with me. Trials are an amazing opportunity for us to meet before your wedding day to discuss your wedding day makeup vision and logistics of the day. The more opportunities I have to do your makeup before your special day the more I can perfect it. Again, I love all the feedback and will ask you for some during your trial. I want to make sure I do a look you love and it's important to me that you still feel like you!!

5. Consider doing a little bit more makeup than your every day look when getting pictures taken. When getting professional pictures taken you can look a little washed out sometimes in the photos. Adding some lashes with a little more color to your cheeks and lips will make you stand out in your pictures in the best way. I promise. 

6. Bring eye drops. If you have sensitive eyes that tend to dry up and water easily it's helpful to put some eye drops in before getting your makeup done. Wait 30 minutes before your session and this will help a ton with watery eyes. 9/10 client's eyes water during lash application and this is my #1 tip to help keep your eyes happy during makeup application. 

7. Bring a touch-up kit. Pack a lipstick, powder and/or blotting sheets, lash glue, tissues and q tips.Makeup can move and rub off. Best to be prepared if that happens. 

Always reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always available to chat!!  xx, Stefanie